SPRINGFIELD - Following the Senate’s passage of a landmark piece of legislation that will cement Illinois’ status as a leader in the clean energy sector and save thousands of jobs, State Senator Michael E. Hastings (D-Frankfort) released the following statement:

“After years of difficult negotiations, a broad coalition of stakeholders came to a bipartisan agreement that will define the future of clean energy in Illinois. The Illinois Senate, and the Senate Energy and Public Utilities Committee, refuse to allow ratepayers to foot the bill for a transition to a cleaner energy future that did not include our valued nuclear fleet. We traveled the state, conducted thorough hearings and made clear in negotiations that good-paying jobs and our environment must be preserved at all costs. This starts with our nuclear fleet, the most precious natural resource the state of Illinois can offer.

“We came together to win a must win battle to not only save jobs and generate clean energy, but to create new ethical standards for utility companies. The result of this agreement is the preservation of 28,000 direct and indirect jobs and $149 million in local economic impact, maintaining our dominance in the energy generation market space, and allowing us to reach our renewable goals. Greed has run rampant in Illinois for far too long, forcing many to pay the price for the actions of a greedy few. Under this legislation, those who cast a dark cloud over our state’s government will be held to the highest ethical standards.”

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SPRINGFIELD – Members of the Illinois National Guard will now be sufficiently honored in death thanks to a piece of legislation, sponsored by State Senator Michael E. Hastings, which was signed into law Sunday.

“Members of the Illinois National Guard are valued members of our armed forces and deserve to be memorialized as such,” Hastings said. “The presentation of a flag to next of kin upon a soldier’s death is a time honored tradition I am proud to extend to those who served their country and state.”

Under current law, members of the Illinois National Guard serving on federal duty or training status are to have a state flag presented to their next of kin upon their death, should they die while serving. Senate Bill 505 adds State Active Duty to this provision, ensuring that all who lose their lives in service of their state and country are properly memorialized.

This legislation is effective immediately.

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FRANKFORT –  State Senator Michael E. Hastings (D-Frankfort), chair of the Senate Energy and Public Utilities Committee, oversaw a hearing Thursday on legislation that would put hundreds of thousands of union laborers to work building a 100 percent clean energy economy in Illinois.

“As chair of the Senate Energy and Public Utilities Committee, I have had the distinct privilege of visiting with the hard-working men and women who help power Illinois,” Hastings said. “Moreover, I am one of the few in Illinois and in the country who has visited every nuclear generating facility in our state. Those who work in this industry take pride in all they do, coming from all walks of life. Their passion, hard work, and profession should not, and will not, be overshadowed by the dark cloud cast by a greedy few.”

Senate Bill 1100, the Climate Union Jobs Act would create and save an estimated 280,000 jobs and provide over $150 million annually in rate relief to low-income families, in addition to:

  • Preserving the state’s nuclear fleet and other renewable generation
  • Establishing new accountability and transparency requirements for utility companies
  • Creating a just transition for communities economically reliant on fossil fuel generation and establishes equity requirements for clean energy jobs
  • Reduces the state’s emissions from buildings and transportation
  • Set union labor standards when Renewable Portfolio Standard, Carbon Mitigation and Solar for All credits are used.

“As a legislative body, in a collective and inclusive manner, we must address the immediate threats that face our state,” Hastings said. “Today, we continued to examine these threats, hearing from passionate advocates from both sides of the energy industry. I want to thank them for their hard work, dedication, and investment in Illinois’ clean energy future. I look forward to the culmination of all our hard work and the passage of a piece of legislation we can all be proud of.”

The Senate Energy and Public Utilities will continue to meet in the following weeks to chart the course for the future of Illinois’ clean energy infrastructure.

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March4 RSSPRINGFIELD - Members of the Illinois General Assembly will not receive a pay increase again this year thanks to a new law supported by State Senator Michael Hastings (D-Tinley Park).

Hastings supported House Bill 3342, which stops automatic increases in mileage reimbursements or per diem rates.

“As we battle a growing bill backlog, members of General Assembly need to work toward making fiscal decisions based on the best interests of the people of Illinois, not themselves as lawmakers,” Hastings said. “I’m here to represent the people of the south suburbs and ensure the legislature is making responsible decisions.”

House Bill 3342 freezes the Illinois General Assembly's mileage reimbursement and per diem rates for the upcoming year. In addition, the initiative eliminates the upcoming cost of living adjustment for the members of the legislature and other offices set by the Compensation Review Board.

Hastings has voted to stop automatic pay increases and surges to reimbursement rates for General Assembly members since he has been in office.

House Bill 3342 passed the Senate with bipartisan support and now heads to the House for consideration.

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